Our History

Faradata Social Change and Women Empowerment Organization (FSCWEO), established by a group of committed Afghan men and women in 2020, is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) working for empowerment of women, spreading education, promoting human rights, provision of health services, water supply and agriculture development, child protection, social activism and youth activities in Afghanistan. Faradata aims to address humanitarian crisis by providing social services, performing activities for social positive change and creation of income generation projects for poor rural communities focused on women and youth ownership to reduce the level of poverty and help in stabilization of communities.

The four decades war has taken a lot from the nation and in order to return to the normal life, joint efforts of the government and non-governmental bodies are required to struggle for development of infrastructure and peace of mind throughout the country. Keeping this in mind, FSCWEO has also put its step forward to enable the society for making choices about the way they want the country be governed and to lead to a prosperous future.

FSCWEO provides capacity building programs and trainings to local authorities and civil society with the aim of supporting good governance within local communities and institutions. In addition, we undertake advocacy programs for protection of all human beings in order to create positive environment and develop a society that is stable politically and economically and is free of any kind of discrimination.

We believe as a great part of the population, Afghan women are the most deprived part of the communities and thus the center of our attention. As their needs are multifaceted and plays the roles of mothers, wives, and daughters; their needs are also extended. Revival of their active role play in the society demands advocacy and negotiation with authorities to allow them to triumph over the barriers that hinders their participation in the society, and that is the arena Faradata is committed to working in.

We are active in five provinces of Afghanistan includes; Herat, Badghis, Ghor, Farah and Nimrooz.

During implementation of the projects, Faradata makes sure that local communities are deeply involved throughout the project implementation in order to create a sense of ownership within the community and to help in sustainability of the project.

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